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  Ambassador's Speech at the Sixth Meeting of the Ministers of Justice of the Member States of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on 24 August 2018, Chopon-Ata, Kyrgyz Republic  
  • Excellency Mr. M. K. Esenaliv, Minister of Justice, Kyrgyz Republic
• Honourable Ministers / Dy. Ministers
• Excellencies / SCO Secretariat Officials
• Ladies and Gentlemen:


It is an honour and pleasure to be here today in the beautiful resort town of Cholpon-Ata to attend the Sixth Meeting of the Ministers of Justice of the Member States and Observer Counties of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). I have the honour to represent and speak at this august gathering on behalf of His Excellency Dr. Farogh Naseem, Pakistan’s newly appointed Minister of Law and Justice. He has directed me to convey his warmest regards to all the Honourable Ministers of Justice of SCO member/observer States and expressed his best wishes for the success of this important forum. He could not come in person to attend this session as he has just taken the oath of his office following recent general elections in Pakistan.

I also take this opportunity to thank our gracious host His Excellency Mr. M. K. Esenaliev, Minister of Justice and the Kyrgyz Government for their traditional hospitality, the choice of the venue in Cholpon-Ata, hard work put in conference documentation and excellent arrangements for the meeting.

Experts from our respective counties have done a wonderful job during the past two days in bringing out consensus documents; especially the two Action Plan relating to Forensics and Legal Services. Needless to reiterate that we need to move forward in accordance with the Shanghai Spirit of mutual trust, mutual respect, equality, respect for diverse civilizations and pursuit of shared economic development.

Pakistan; eversince its accession as full member, has desired to play a pro-active role towards promotion of cooperation in political, security, economic, cultural, and legal fields. We look forward to working together with our SCO partners to advance our common objectives of peace, prosperity and shared economic development in the entire region.

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen:

In today’s world, legal cooperation has assumed great significance for achieving the goals of economic development, rule of law and good governance. Pakistan fully supports all such mutually agreed endeavors and will actively participate in this process under the umbrella of SCO.

Pakistan is cognizant of the importance of legal issues that have a direct bearing on the overall objectives of the SCO. It is our earnest desire to make legal cooperation a success story for which, the proposal of establishing a Legal Commission is worth consideration. We may also consider cooperation in adopting specific and concrete measures for rule of law and good governance. We also welcome optimum cooperation amongst SCO States towards ease of doing business, promotion of investment, and swift settlement of commercial and trade disputes. There are a multitude of legal issues requiring region-wide cooperation amongst SCO States with the ultimate objective of raising the overall living standards of our peoples who constitute almost half of the world’s total populace. Legal cooperation must be result oriented for the benefit and development of the entire SCO region and its peoples.

In experts’ meeting, our delegates did propose for possible inclusion of some concrete measures in Action Plan for Legal Services. Our proposals related to the rule of law, good governance, quality legislation and legal aspects of ease of doing business within the SCO regional. Since is consensus-based Organization, we fully respect the viewpoint of our brothers who might need some time to come on board at a later stage.

Excellencies, Distinguished Delegates:

Our delegation, at this point in time, deems pertinent to draw the attention especially of SCO Secretariat to the need of accommodating English as the third official language of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization along with Chinese and Russian. We are of the strong opinion that this step will greatly facilitate in improving the semantics communication amongst the SCO States at various levels/forums of this Organization.

Let me conclude by thanking, on behalf of Pakistan’s Minister of Law and Justice and on behalf of my delegation present here His Excellency Mr. Esenaliev, Minister of Justice and the Government of Kyrgyz Republic once again of their sumptuous hospitality and Conference arrangements including our translators, interpreters and guides of today’s performance. I also thank the official of SCO Secretariat for their valuable contribution in making this meeting a success.

I thank you.



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Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad Kazi
of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
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